Saturday, May 19, 2012

For Sale

You're looking at a near showroom condition midnight blue on palomino 560SEL from the golden era of Mercedes-Benz.

She spent most of her life in Florida. Imported to Canada a few years back. Always garaged and obviously never winter driven. Has just under 65k miles on the clock.

Unmolested, stock as a rock. Including the original 10-speaker Becker sound system. Heated and reclining seats all round (yes, even the rear). Except for an odd tear in the driver's seat, she has flawless, concours standard paint and leather. And as you can see, laser straight body panels.

The top end was recently refreshed with new gaskets, rubber, vacuum lines, timing chain, tensioner, guide rails etc.... Only genuine Mercedes parts are used. None of that Febi or Uro crap. I have a file an inch thick with service history.

I only use it on long distance trips. This car was never intended to be sold so I've put an unhealthy amount of money into making sure its as perfect as can possibly be.

Unfortunately I'm leaving the country and it isn't practical to take it with me. But I have no problem leaving it in storage for a few years until I can. So I have no intention of "getting rid of it".

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The previous owner had removed the rear sunshade upper bracket and guide tube in order to fit a cellphone antenna. I was luckily able to find replacement parts cheaply and bought a new guide rope to reinstall the sunshade.
I threaded the rope through the tube, and then installed the tube. Had someone press the switch and I turned the rope until it got pulled in by the motor. Removed the tube, lubed things up a bit, installed the tube again, the little spring and then fit the upper bracket.